about Skip Media


Skip Media has been formed by Colin Mee to offer a variety of services to musicians and bands. Primarily to offer mobile recording services, but also to completion of CD, vinyl pressing or music videos. Whether you need a great demo or want to release CD's or vinyl for sale at gigs etc, contact us now for an affordable solution.

Colin Mee, is well known on the rockabilly and country music scenes as lead singer for The Mee Kats, Root'n Toot'n and The Skip Rats. He has several of his own recorded and released albums on his record label Skip Records. Also he has recorded many other bands and singers for demos and releases. As well as recording, he has designed and compiled many album covers for other artists as well as his own bands.

Skip Records

Also under the banner of Skip Media is record label Skip Records

Skip Records can offer the recording, mixing, mastering and cover design for CD or vinyl pressing.

Mobile Recording

Skip Media offer digital or tape recording as a mobile service at a venue of your choice

Bands for hire

The Mee Kats rockabilly trio available for any festival, club, pub or private function

Root'n Toot'n country hillbilly trio, for a foot tapping, up tempo kinda function

The Skip Rats well established rockabilly trio available for weekenders, festivals and clubs